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Cinematic wedding stories

Studio dolce vita is a wedding photography and videography studio. Our passion is storytelling and we are proud to work with clients all over the world.

The work of the studio

What I love is looking, for a detail, and affectionate gesture, a glance  or just a kiss to tell a story.

A unique story that ill forever.

My purpose is to allow  my clients to experience again every day  these unforgettable moments

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The style of the studio

We all have a strong authorial background, which allows us to see things in different ways, allows us to tell a life experience, capture moments, glances, which will then create a small documentary of an unforgettable day. We are lovers of turtlenecks, Italian tailor-made, good wine, good food, we like to laugh, love and the thing that gratifies us most is being able to tell all this through images.


I studied visual arts and got my degree at IED (European Institute for Design) in Milan. 

I then worked as a Creative Producer for Sky Italia for two years. However, I felt like it did not fulfil my need to express my creativity. Therefore, I started my career as a freelancer so that I could work on projects that I was truly passionate about, on both the intellectual and visual level.

I decided to start capturing the best day of a couple's on day I got married my self.

For me, the research of an idea is inseparable from the research of beauty and the other way around.

That is a concept that I live by and that I always try to convey through my work.

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